MSF – We Can’t Be Doctors Without You

There was never been a better moment to reinforce an understanding and appreciation of the work, goals and vision of MSF. Of what MSF does but perhaps more importantly right now – of why they do it.

Offset Dublin

Founding Offset was driven by a passion for the impact creativity can have on cultural, social and economic enterprise. To create a platform to showcase the best Irish creativity alongside the international best practice. With over 2,500 attendees each year, since launching in 2009, Offset fast became one of the world’s most inspirational, educational and vocational conferences for the design and creative industries.

Offset Dublin – OFFSITE

OFFSITE is the citywide fringe festival running in lead up to the main event of Offset. It is a jam-packed week of Workshops, Masterclasses, Gallery shows, Installations, Outdoor Lunchtime Talks, Panel Discussions, Book Launches, Exhibitions, Live Music Performances, Delegate Party and much more. The OFFSITE fringe festival ran to four editions (2016-2019), and is the perfect opportunity for creatives to thrive: to learn from each other, to share their ideas, to inspire and be inspired by their peers. The majority of events are free and open to public.

Offset Dublin – Title Sequence

Working with Offset 2019 main stage speakers Windmill Lane was a wonderful experience. Under the creative direction of John Kennedy and the artistic vision of director Arice, alongside animators Manus Goan and Chris McLoughlin they produced a stunning, atmospheric and otherworldly piece. The sound design by Simon Bird made seeing it in the auditorium impactful.

DCC – HGV Permit Checker

This campaign was based primarily around a vibrant piece of key art. We brought Dublin City to life in the form of a “Where’s Wally” style poster by the talented SuperTotto. Through the use of this art style, we displayed Dublin City in a unique way to catch people’s attention. We hid an HGV within the artwork, challenging people to find it while they waited for their buses or trains.

DCC – Winter Lights

We were tasked with the responsibility for the naming, branding and comms strategy for Winter Lights brand around what has to become an annual Christmas event in the city. “Winter Lights” was the brand McCann developed for this illuminating event. With craft and that handmade feel being such an intrinsic component of Christmas, we thought it apt to bring a flavour of this to the design and typography in the Winter Lights logo.

Becks – Seb Lester Label

Alcohol brands creating limited-edition bottles is nothing new. But the first to do it in a meaningful way, more than 25 years ago, was Beck’s. By turning over its label as a canvas to both renowned and up-and-coming artists such as Gilbert and George, Tracey Emin, Jeff Koons and Damien Hirst, their work was showcased in the process to the millions who drink Beck’s.

We worked with renowned calligrapher and illustrator Seb Lester, to bring our Art Labels vision to life. The limited-edition 6-pack bottles were unveiled during Blisters at Print Club London, one of the UK’s largest poster shows with over 3,000 illustrators, artists and designers in attendance or, in a nutshell, the target Beck’s consumer.

DCC – Induction

After a lengthy recruitment embargo, Dublin City Council is once again hiring. But to compete with tech giants and local heroes, they needed to create an induction experience that would not only make people excited to join Dublin City Council but make them want to stay.

Zurich Pensions – Be Future Ready

Given that the principal target for the Zurich pension is the self-employed, we developed a series of films to fuel a highly targeted digital and social campaign focusing on self-employed business people whose focus is making their industry and the world in which they live Future Ready. We also found that our target over-indexed to be open to depictions of the future in sci-fi, fiction and film. So in parallel we ran an outdoor and digital campaign showing a future version of Dublin cityscape.

Offset Dublin – Title Sequence

Working with UK agency and OFFSET 2014 speakers Golden Wolf, we produced an opening title that was focused on the creative process in an agency. A little tongue in cheek.