Just Eat – Love Island

Working with our colleagues in McCann London, our role was to localise the brand content for Just Eat partnership with Love Island on Virgin Media. The new series saw the addition of two new characters to the villa for its ‘Get stuck in’ campaign- Tina the Turtle and Cam the Chameleon – who are voiced by Irish comedians Jen Hatton and Emma Doran. The two characters will feature during ad breaks as well as across Virgin Media social channels.

Focus Ireland – How Will Santa Find Us?

‘How will Santa find us?’ was a Christmas story from first time authors Shane O’Brien and Stephen
Rogers. This book was conceived as a response from Ireland’s creative community to our growing homeless
crisis, in particular the startling number of homeless children. It was launched as a collaboration in April 2019 at OFFSET and features beautiful artwork from some of
Ireland’s best loved illustrators. Each page is drawn in the unique and distinct style of the different illustrators as we go on a
journey through the children’s imaginations. Produced by Bren Byrne and Jessica Derby and published by Gill Books. It was the first project from Good Cop Good Cop, storming the best-selling charts in the lead up to Christmas, was featured on The Late Late Toy Show and raised over €75,000 for Focus Ireland.

Kerrygold – Love The Taste

Produced to accompany the launch of Kerrygold Spreadable, we first went through many different iterations to align the piece with our understanding of the brand heritage and legacy in advertising. We looked to embrace the Irish of the brand, examined threads such as relationship with the land, the son/mammy relationship, a balance between a sense of melancholy and a sense of humour and of course celebrating the product by placing it at the centre of the story. We landed on a simple concept, Kerrygold is notoriously difficult to use straight form the fridge, this new product made it easy for a child to use.

Zurich – Protect Your World

We have never been so aware of the boundaries that define our world. It’s given us a new focus on the things, the spaces and the people that matter to us. We spoke to Davy Fitzgerald about the important things in his life, his connection to his family and community and his passion and dedication for the game of hurling.

TU Dublin – Open Day

TU Dublin represents Infinite Possibilities – for the students, staff, employers, researchers and the wider academic community. It represents a university where the arts, business, science, engineering and technology converge, creating synergies and opportunities. For its 2023 Open Days we wanted to illustrate the many options TU Dublin offered both literally and symbolically.

MSF – 50th Anniversary

We set out to acknowledge not celebrate the 50 years of their incredible work. Inspired by the main tenants of MSF – providing medical care (stethoscope), bearing witness (camera), and speaking out against injustice (megaphone) this would be a Irish Times press only campaign. We straddled the creative with two crossword puzzles, done in the style of the IT crosswords. Each clue’s answer would reveal 50 key words from MSF values and actions.

Norwegian Air – Don’t Like It, Live It.

It’s so easy for us to get lost in our social feeds. We get so distracted by other people’s experiences that we forget to live our own. We scroll through the endless pictures of friends, acquaintances, and people we don’t even know, people who seem to be having the experiences that we only dream of. Those were the moments we believed that Norwegian could own, encouraging you to take a break from your routines, from your social feeds and remember that you can do more than just react to other people’s lives.

Offset Dublin

Founding Offset was driven by a passion for the impact creativity can have on cultural, social and economic enterprise. To create a platform to showcase the best Irish creativity alongside the international best practice. With over 2,500 attendees each year, since launching in 2009, Offset fast became one of the world’s most inspirational, educational and vocational conferences for the design and creative industries.

Offset Dublin – OFFSITE

OFFSITE is the citywide fringe festival running in lead up to the main event of Offset. It is a jam-packed week of Workshops, Masterclasses, Gallery shows, Installations, Outdoor Lunchtime Talks, Panel Discussions, Book Launches, Exhibitions, Live Music Performances, Delegate Party and much more. The OFFSITE fringe festival ran to four editions (2016-2019), and is the perfect opportunity for creatives to thrive: to learn from each other, to share their ideas, to inspire and be inspired by their peers. The majority of events are free and open to public.

Offset Dublin – Title Sequence

Working with Offset 2019 main stage speakers Windmill Lane was a wonderful experience. Under the creative direction of John Kennedy and the artistic vision of director Arice, alongside animators Manus Goan and Chris McLoughlin they produced a stunning, atmospheric and otherworldly piece. The sound design by Simon Bird made seeing it in the auditorium impactful.