The origins of the project came about through a need to balance the MSF comms strategy from the main focus of emergency appeal and fundraising to include more brand storytelling and to make a greater long term connection a wider base.

Through our research we focused on what drove the current MSF team to become part of the organisation. Under the platform of We Can’t Be Doctors Without You, our aim was to embrace a spirit of solidarity through action and to leverage this current window into the sacrifice and resources needed to combat and manage a crisis.

We partnered with Grian Chatten, front man for Fontaines DC, who contributed the VO and appeared at the beginning of the piece as well as other elements of the campaign. The film was shot and edited in collaboration with the team at Collective Films. Incredible team who really bought into the purpose behind this piece with passion and commitment.

We aligned the campaign to the emergency situation in Afganistan, including content featuring on the ground testimony from MSF Team Leader Sarah Leahy who was incredibly passionate and energetic about sharing her experience. In a targeted campaign running in Autumn-Winter 2021, across social, VOD, press and Radio, results achieved exceeded expectations. Many KPIs were more than doubled across Awareness, Inspiring Activity and Conversion.

Agency: McCann Dublin
Creative Director: Bren Byrne
Art Director: Felipe Ferreira
Copy: Amy Sergison, Luke Wright, Bren Byrne
Strategy: Collette Henry
Agency Producer: Ciaran Williams
Film Production: Collective Films
Director: Mark Logan
DOP: Kenneth Adams
Ass. Director: Greg Purcell