Just Eat – Love Island

Working with our colleagues in McCann London, our role was to localise the brand content for Just Eat partnership with Love Island on Virgin Media. The new series saw the addition of two new characters to the villa for its ‘Get stuck in’ campaign- Tina the Turtle and Cam the Chameleon – who are voiced by Irish comedians Jen Hatton and Emma Doran. The two characters will feature during ad breaks as well as across Virgin Media social channels.

TU Dublin – Open Day

TU Dublin represents Infinite Possibilities – for the students, staff, employers, researchers and the wider academic community. It represents a university where the arts, business, science, engineering and technology converge, creating synergies and opportunities. For its 2023 Open Days we wanted to illustrate the many options TU Dublin offered both literally and symbolically.

ATU – Name & Brand

The creation of a new university for the region is a massive, once in a generation event that will impact the lives of very many students, staff, communities, alumni and partner organisations. We led the process of naming, positioning and visual and language branding for the new university. The brand uses colour inspired by the unique landscape of the Atlantic coast, a functional system built for use across campuses and context, and a unifying language system centring on the brand idea: The Future is Here.

MSF – We Can’t Be Doctors Without You

There was never been a better moment to reinforce an understanding and appreciation of the work, goals and vision of MSF. Of what MSF does but perhaps more importantly right now – of why they do it.

Glass Bottle – Brand

Glass Bottle is a new city quarter in Dublin, built in a unique location where the city and beach meet. At completion, Glass Bottle will be home to some ten thousand people and quarter of the homes built will be social and affordable. It will provide a million square feet of commercial space.
Our team worked with planning, placemaking and urban design teams to develop naming, identity and brand positioning. The treatment takes cues from the glass bottle factory previously on the site, as well as from early edition of Joyce’s Ulysses – some parts of the novel play out on or close to the location of this new place.

DCC – Winter Lights

We were tasked with the responsibility for the naming, branding and comms strategy for Winter Lights brand around what has to become an annual Christmas event in the city. “Winter Lights” was the brand McCann developed for this illuminating event. With craft and that handmade feel being such an intrinsic component of Christmas, we thought it apt to bring a flavour of this to the design and typography in the Winter Lights logo.

Becks – Seb Lester Label

Alcohol brands creating limited-edition bottles is nothing new. But the first to do it in a meaningful way, more than 25 years ago, was Beck’s. By turning over its label as a canvas to both renowned and up-and-coming artists such as Gilbert and George, Tracey Emin, Jeff Koons and Damien Hirst, their work was showcased in the process to the millions who drink Beck’s.

We worked with renowned calligrapher and illustrator Seb Lester, to bring our Art Labels vision to life. The limited-edition 6-pack bottles were unveiled during Blisters at Print Club London, one of the UK’s largest poster shows with over 3,000 illustrators, artists and designers in attendance or, in a nutshell, the target Beck’s consumer.

Zurich Insurance – Protect Your World

The strategy, both with tactical comms and creative executions, was centered around illustrating the change in emotional connection with our homes and possessions and how they have come to define our world now more than ever.

What world can mean in this context is our place on the Planet, our pride in our Country, our role in our Community, our relationship with our Family and the internal world of how we view, act and respect ourselves.
We want to express the variety of the “worlds” that exist for our customers, and invite them to “Protect your world”.

DCC – Induction

After a lengthy recruitment embargo, Dublin City Council is once again hiring. But to compete with tech giants and local heroes, they needed to create an induction experience that would not only make people excited to join Dublin City Council but make them want to stay.

Absolut – VIS1ONS

We challenged 10 leading Irish and international graphic artists to come together for a week and create their design in an open workshop, using an eye catching 8ft tall replica of the iconic ABSOLUT bottle as their canvas.

The 10 artists participating in ABSOLUT VIS10NS represent a variety of creative disciplines from across the globe from painting, fashion and photography to illustration and typography.