DCC – Induction

After a lengthy recruitment embargo, Dublin City Council is once again hiring. But to compete with tech giants and local heroes, they needed to create an induction experience that would not only make people excited to join Dublin City Council but make them want to stay.

Zurich Pensions – Be Future Ready

Given that the principal target for the Zurich pension is the self-employed, we developed a series of films to fuel a highly targeted digital and social campaign focusing on self-employed business people whose focus is making their industry and the world in which they live Future Ready. We also found that our target over-indexed to be open to depictions of the future in sci-fi, fiction and film. So in parallel we ran an outdoor and digital campaign showing a future version of Dublin cityscape.

Offset Dublin – Title Sequence

Working with UK agency and OFFSET 2014 speakers Golden Wolf, we produced an opening title that was focused on the creative process in an agency. A little tongue in cheek.

Offset London – Title Sequence

Using what seems like every second of his time when he wasn’t working at The Mill+ in New York, Dublin’s Aran Quinn created our OFFSET London titles.

Offset – Design

Doing the design for a design festival is both exciting and incredibly daunting. Trying to capture the spirit of the event, convey the info needed across a very busy schedule all while trying to satisfy a design savvy audience. Here are some examples from the 10 year and 14 event history.

Absolut – VIS1ONS

We challenged 10 leading Irish and international graphic artists to come together for a week and create their design in an open workshop, using an eye catching 8ft tall replica of the iconic ABSOLUT bottle as their canvas.

The 10 artists participating in ABSOLUT VIS10NS represent a variety of creative disciplines from across the globe from painting, fashion and photography to illustration and typography.